Can I pray tahajjud without sleeping? Everything you need to know

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Can I pray tahajjud without sleeping

You are suffering so much, but all your past sins have been forgiven, said Ayesha. The Lord of the Hereafter addressed the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. His feet used to swell when he pray tahajujd without sleeping at night, hence this complaint. I am amused by what the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, said in reply. I also wanted to perform Tahajjud regularly. he said

أَفَلاَ أُحِبّ أَنْ أَكُونَ عَبْدًا شَكُورًا

“Should I not be a grateful servant (by worshiping Allah for this great bounty)?” – Sahih Bukhari, Hadith 4837; Sahih Muslim, Hadith 2820

Tahajjud or Qiyamul Lail- standing prayer at night, ladder of status of the believer. One of the ways to heaven. The key to success. It is one of the main means of being private and loved by Allah. The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) never left Tahajjud. If he ran away, he would do it. He used to pray himself and also encouraged the Companions with great importance.

Short answer

Yes, I can pray tahajjud without sleeping. It is better to perform this prayer in the last third of the night after waking up. Because Allah Ta’ala descends to the nearest sky in the last third of every night and calls out ‘Is there anyone who calls me and I answer his call? Is there anyone who asks me for something and I give it to him? Ask me for forgiveness and I will forgive him?” [Bukhari, Hadith No. 1145, Muslim Hadith No. 758]

can i pray tahajjud without sleeping
Can i pray tahajjud without sleeping

However, Tahajjud can be performed even without sleep, especially during the month of Ramadan, many people are engaged in worshiping Allah the next night, they can perform this prayer without sleep. And apart from Ramadan, you can pray two to four rakats of Tahajjud before going to sleep any night of the year.

Benefits of praying Tahajjud after waking up

If you Pray Tahajjud without sleep, the reward will be less. We can learn to be like the scholars. Because sleep is a great blessing of God. Allah says –

“More of His signs: your sleep by night and by day and seeking His grace. Verily in this are signs for a people who pay attention.” (Surah Rum: 23)

And performing the Tahajjud prayer on the last night after leaving this sleep is an act of great reward. Because here the first reward is that you leave this sleep and get up for prayer and after that the reward is again for prayer. In other words, there is a lot of reward in both works. Which is not happening if you just pray without sleeping.

Another thing is not to say that we in the hadith, all actions are dependent on the intention. (Bukhari) And the reward is all in the hand of Allah.

So if you wake up at night with the intention of prayer and pray, the amount of reward you will get from it is surely greater than the reward of just waking up and praying at the end of the night without the intention. Because in the second case you didn’t intend to pray, just because you couldn’t sleep, you thought at the end that you shouldn’t pray now.

Tahajjud with wife without sleeping

can i pray tahajjud without sleeping
can i pray tahajjud without sleeping

Why alone when you have the opportunity to perform Tahajjud without sleeping, you can get other family members to participate and easily join in the Noorani dua of the holy tongue of the Holy Prophet. Abu Huraira RA. On the authority of the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, he said:

رَحِمَ اللهُ رَجُلًا قَامَ مِنَ اللّيْلِ فَصَلّى, ثُمّ أَيْقَظَ امْرَأَتَهُ فَصَلّتْ, فَإِنْ أَبَتْ نَضَحَ فِي وَجْهِهَا الْمَاءَ, وَرَحِمَ اللهُ امْرَأَةً َامَتْ مِنَ اللّيْلِ فَصَلّتْ, ثُمّ أَيْقَظَتْ زَوْجَهَا فَصَلّى, فَإِنْ أَبَى نَضَحْتَ فِي وَجْهِهِ الْمَاءَ.

May Allah have mercy on the person who gets up at night and prays, then wakes up his wife and she also prays. If the wife does not want to get up, she tries to get up even if water is splashed on her face.

May Allah have mercy on the woman who gets up at night and prays, then wakes up her husband and the husband gets up and prays. If the husband does not want to get up, he tries to get him up even after splashing water on his face. -Sunan Nasa’i, Hadith 1302; Sunan Ibn Majah, Hadith 1336

In another hadith, if a husband and wife wake each other up and perform Tahajjud, then Allah counts them among the Zakirin. Abu Saeed Khudri RA. Narrated from: The Holy Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, said:

مَنِ اسْستَيْقَظَ مِنَ اللّيْلِ وَأَيْقَظَ امْرَأَتَهُ فَصَلّيَا رَكْعَتَيْنِ جَمِيعًا كُتِبَا مِنَ الذّاكِرِينَ اللهَ كَثيرًا وَالذّاكِرَاتِ.

A person who gets up at night for Tahajjud and also wakes up his wife; Then both of them pray two rakats together and they are counted among the dhikreen, those who remember Allah more. -Sunan Abu Dawud, Hadith 1309; Sunan Ibn Majah, Hadith 1335

Can i pray tahajjud without sleeping

How to perform Tahajjud regularly after sleeping?

The first task is intention and determination

I can make intention now for this act of getting close to Allah. Start the practice regularly. If something happened in Ramadan, try to get used to it now. The first thing to do is to decide. If you can do the intention from the heart, the deeds become easy.

A very effective ingredient indeed. The most important property of a believer. Through this, the purity of deeds is judged not only; Sometimes the believer who is not able to do good deeds gets rewarded just because of this intention. The issue of Salatul Lail is also described in Hadith Sharif. Hazrat Abu Darda RA. described from The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

مَنْ أتى فِراشَه وَهُوَ يَنْوي ان يّقُومَ يُصلِّي مِنَ اللّيلِ فغلبْتهُ عَيْناه حَتّى أصْبََ, كُتبَ لَه مَا نَوى, وَكَ نومُهُ صدقِ عَلَيْهِ مِنْ رّبِّه – عز وجل

A person who went to bed with the intention of praying at night, but sleep overcame him, he could not get up, it was morning, then the reward of his deeds will be written in his book of deeds because of the intention. And this sleep will be considered a charity for him from the Lord. -Sunan Nasa’i, Hadith 1787

Ultra-comfortable bed: Eliminates the hindrance to getting up at night

The bed was very comfortable but it was difficult to get up at the end of the night. Because the more comfortable the bed, the deeper the sleep. As a result, it is difficult to get up at the end of the night. The story of the Prophet – Ummul Mu’minin Hafsa RA. One day, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) made a two-striped bed into four strips, so that it would be a little more comfortable. The Prophet asked in the morning, what did you spread last night? He said, the previous bed, O Messenger of God! I only divided two pattas into four pattas. The Prophet then said:

رُدّوْهُ لِحالَتِهِ الاوْلى فنّه مَنَعَتْنِي وَطاءَتُه صَلاتِيَ اللّيْلَةَ

Do as before! Because its tenderness prevented me from praying at night. -Shamaeel Tirmidhi, Hadith 330

In the presence of the Lord late at night

late night Everyone is now sleeping peacefully. I left the sleep of comfort only to gain the presence of my Lord. Yes, the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, said – At that time, Allah himself approached the servant. If I also try to be close to Allah at such a time, then I will get closeness to God very easily. The message of the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace,

أَقْرَبُ مَا يَكُونُ الرّرّ مِنَ العَبْدِ فِي جَوْفِ اللّيْلِ الاخِرِ, فَإِنْ اسْتَطَعْتَ انْ تَكُونَ مِمّنْ يَذْكُرُ اللهَ فِي تِلْكَ السّاعَةِ فَكُنْ

At the end of the night, the Lord became very close to his servant. If you can, at that time, be among those who remember Allah! -Jamee Tirmidhi, Hadith 3579; Sunan Abu Dawud, Hadith 1277

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