Can I pray Tahajjud without wudu? Hadith and revelation of truth

Shah Muhammad Suhail

Can I pray Tahajjud without wudu

Tahajjud is a special voluntary prayer for us, which we perform at the end of the night. It symbolizes devotion, sincerity and deep connection with Allah. Tahajjud carries great significance in Islamic practice. However, the question arises: Can I pray Tahajjud without wudu? Let us discuss the matter from the Islamic perspective.

Importance of Tahajjud prayer

Tahajjud holds a special place, as it is performed at a time when the world is calm and distractions are minimal. Then favors a private conversation with the Almighty. The best prayer after the obligatory prayer is the night prayer. The significance of Tahajjud is immense in the spiritual journey of a Muslim.

Can I pray Tahajjud without wudu?

No, I can’t pray Tahajjud without wudu. Because wudu is necessary for every prayer. It is a prerequisite for all obligatory and nafal prayers. It is described in the Holy Qur’an about the law of Ajr, ‘O believers! When you are ready for prayer, wash your face and hands up to the elbows. And the head shall be massaged and the feet shall be washed up to the ankles (glands)…. (Surah: Maida, verse: 6)

Can I pray Tahajjud without wudu
Can I pray Tahajjud without wudu

Evidence from hadith

Narrated by Jabir Ibn Abdullah RA – The Prophet SAW said, “The key to heaven is prayer, and the key to prayer is ablution.” (Musnad Ahmad)

It is not only through ablution that the servant gains good deeds. Rather, the sins of the servant’s past life are forgiven by the blessing of Uzur. Narrated by Amr Ibn Abbas RA – He said, I asked one day, O Messenger of Allah! What are the virtues of Ozu?

He said, ‘When you perform ablution and wash the wrists of both hands, then the sins will come out through the tips of the fingers and nails. Then when you do the ablution, wash your nostrils with water, wash your face and hands up to the elbows, rub your head and wash both feet up to the toes, then you will wash away your sins.

Then when you put your face on the ground for the pleasure of Allah, you will be as innocent of sins as the day your mother gave birth to you.’ (Nasa’i Sharif) Belal RA: In the world he received the good news of the virtues of Wudhu.

Once during the Fajr prayer, the Prophet asked Hazrat Belal, ‘O Belal! Tell me about the most important deed you have done since accepting Islam! Because I heard your footsteps in paradise.

Belal RA: Said, whenever my ablution runs out day or night, I immediately perform ablution and pray two rakats. I don’t do anything other than that.’ (Sahih Bukhari-1083)

What happens if you perform tahajjud without wudu?

If you forget to pray without wudu, then perform wudu again. Because, prayer is not performed without wudu. The jurists have expressed consensus on this opinion.

Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said in a hadith, “If any of you breaks ablution, then Allah will not accept his prayer until he performs ablution again.” (Bukhari, Hadith: 6954; Muslim, Hadith: 225)

In another Hadith, Abdullah Ibn Umar (RA) said, I heard the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) say, “No prayer is accepted without purity.” (Muslim, Hadith: 224)

The opinion of the jurists

Renowned Hadith scholar and Fiqh scholar Imam Sharaf An-Nababi (RA) said, ‘Praying is haram for a person without wudu; Scholars agree on this. They also agreed that the prayer of an innocent person will not be purified; Whether he is aware of not performing ablution or not. Or even if you forget about not having ablution.

But if he is completely ignorant or completely forgetful, then there is no sin on him. And if he prays knowing that he is not ablution and that prayer without ablution is haram, and if he does not perform it again, then he is committing a heinous sin.’ (Al-Majmu, Volume: 02, Page: 79)

Virtues of wudu in Tahajjud prayer

Not only in this world but also in the hereafter, there is a special status for a person who performs wudu. Everyone present in the field of hashar will keep looking at the person performing wudu over and over again. The hands, feet and face of the person performing ablution will be red.

Narrated by Mujmir RA: He said, I went up to the roof of the mosque with Abu Huraira RA. He performed ablution. Then he said, I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) saying, “Surely, on the Day of Resurrection, my Ummah will be called in such a state that their hands, feet and faces will be bright due to the effect of ablution.” So whoever among you wishes to increase this brightness should do so. (Sahih Bukhari-138)


What if my wudu breaks during Tahajjud?

If you lose your wudu while performing Tahajjud, you must stop your prayer and perform awudu again. Then you have to resume your Tahajjud prayer from where you left off.

Tahajjud prayer can be performed?

No, if the Tahajjud prayer is missed due to any reason, it is not necessary to perform the Qaza afterwards. However, it is better to perform the Tahajjud prayer on the next night as much as possible to maintain continuity in worship.

Do I need wudu to recite Quran during Tahajjud?

Yes, I need wudu to recite Quran during Tahajjud. wudu It is recommended to be in a state of wudu as a sign of respect for the Qur’an and to enhance the spiritual experience of recitation during Tahajjud. so I can’t pray and recite Quran during Tahajjud without Wudu.

What if I can’t perform ablution for any valid reason?

If you are unable to perform ablution for legitimate reasons such as illness or lack of water, you can still perform the Tahajjud prayer. Then do taiyammu. It is important to try to maintain wudu as much as possible. Because it is a system of spiritual purity.

Can I pray Tahajjud without Isha prayer?

Although it is recommended to perform Tahajjud after Isha prayer, you can perform Tahajjud without performing Isha prayer. It is preferable to give priority to the obligatory prayers before engaging in voluntary prayers like Tahajjud.

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