Can Tahajjud change destiny? Clear answer based on hadith

Shah Muhammad Suhail

Can Tahajjud change destiny-

We pray to Allah in bad times of our life. Then we read Tahajjud. We think maybe our Dua and Tahajjud will change our destiny. But really – Can Tahajjud change destiny?

Because no one’s path in this world is smooth and easy. Students, teachers, workers, labourers, and all employees have to constantly work hard and move forward in the battle of life. In addition to efforts, there is no substitute for the help of the Merciful Allah to cross the path of this friend. There is no alternative to Tahajjud to get Allah’s help.

Tahajjud and the question of changing destiny

The great Rabbul Alamin has given people more or less conscience to choose the thorn in the difficult path. The best man in this world, the best Prophet Rahmatullah Alamin, has found that enlightened path through the knowledge of the revelation given by Allah in the Qur’an.

Allah Ta’ala says – ‘I created man in hardship and toil.’ (Surah Al Balad-4)

In contrast to this suffering, and pain, there is happiness, peace and relief. Allah Ta’ala sometimes changes people’s lives through prayer; This is a self-evident topic.

Narrated by Abu Huraira RA: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “Nothing can change one’s destiny except dua and life cannot be increased without good deeds.” (Tirmidhi)

There is a hadith, if any danger befalls you, do not say this – If I had done this, this would not have happened to me; Rather, you say that what Allah has decreed and willed has happened. Because the word ‘if’ opens the way for Satan to mislead.

Can Tahajjud change destiny?

Yes, Tahajjud and Dua can change destiny. Allah Ta’ala sometimes changes the life of a servant through dua. Prominent scholar Dr. Deen. Mohammad Saifullah said, ‘It is a hundred per cent true that when a servant prays to Allah from his heart, his fate will change; But the prayer should be done that way.

You have to dedicate yourself, you have to ask Allah with desire. If the prayer is accepted, his fate will change. In this case, Allah Ta’ala said – “You cannot pray if you wish unless Allah wills.” (Surah Takweer-29)

When Allah Ta’ala gives us the power to pray, we should pray that – ‘O Allah, I seek refuge in You from anxiety, from weakness, laziness, helplessness, miserliness, cowardice and the evil of people.’ (Bukhari-5425)

It should be noted that the beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW has taught us to ask Allah Ta’ala for his blessings. In a hadith, Mu’az Ibn Jabal said, One day the Prophet (peace be upon him) held my hand and said, ‘O Mu’az, I love you.

Then he said, O Mu’az, I bequeath you that you do not stop reciting this supplication after any prayer. After every prayer recite this sentence, O Allah, help me in your dhikr, your thanksgiving, and your good worship.’ (Musnad Ahmad-22179)

Condition of change of destiny by Tahajjud and Dua

The conditions for the acceptance of prayers are – halal sustenance devotion and concentration of faith and action. At the time of supplication, by reciting durood on the Messenger of Allah in praise of Allah, first of all, we should ask for forgiveness and the satisfaction of Allah Ta’ala.

Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam, in his bequest to Salman Farsi RA, said, ‘I am telling you a few words, seek help from Allah, the Most Merciful, move towards Rahmanur Raheem, and pray to Allah with these words day and night –

O Allah, I ask You for the health and brightness of my faith, and the influence of faith in the character, and for the help in which lies the salvation of the Hereafter. Moreover, I seek Your mercy, safety, forgiveness and satisfaction.’ (Sunan Nasa’i-9765)

Abdullah Ibn Umar RA: Swearing in the name of Allah, he said, “If one of them has gold as much as Mount Uhud and gives it in charity, Allah will not accept his charity until he believes in destiny.” (Bukhari)

It is not impossible to change the destiny through the dua of a servant. But there are two types of destiny. One is – Taqdeer Mubaram, which does not change. such as death; It will happen when it is written in takdeer.

Types and changes of destiny

There are two types of destiny. A kind of destiny never changes. It is called ‘Taqdeer Mubra’. Another type of destiny changes. This is called ‘Taqdeer Muallaq’. As sorrow, suffering, disease, and grief are changed through prayer.

Allah Ta’ala says in the Holy Qur’an – ‘The calamities that befall you are the result of your actions and Allah forgives many of your sins.’ (Surah Shu’ara-30)

In this way, Allah Ta’ala says in verse 41 of Surah Rum – “Disasters spread on land and water because of what people have done.” Allah Ta’ala wants them to taste the punishment of their deeds so that they return.’

Rasulullah SAW said, ‘There is no one among you whose address is not written in Hell or Paradise. One of the people present said, O Messenger of God: Shall we then rely on it? He said, No; Rather act. (Bukhari-6152)

Some people in society are 90; They always suffer from narrowness. And continues full of despair. Allah Ta’ala comforts them and says – “Surely He is near to everyone and He responds to everyone’s call”. (Surah Hud-61)

Hadith of changing destiny by Tahajjud and Dua

Taqdeer Mubaram or irrevocable Taqdeer. Taqdeer Mu’allaq or Conditional Taqdeer and Taqdeer Mubaram means that Taqdeer is not subject to any conditions, but is irrevocable and irreversible.

And Taqdeer Muallaq is that Taqdeer is conditioned and in the absence of conditions it is different. For example, if such a person prays or obeys his parents, his life will be 70 years, if not, it will be 60 years.

Regarding both types of Taqdeer, Allah says, ‘Allah removes whatever He wills, and fixes whatever He wishes. And with Him is the original Book Lawhe Mahfuz.’ (Surah Ra’ad: 39)

The original book in the verse means that the book contains irrefutable Taqdeer. Because Allah Ta’ala already knows about the condition written in conditional Taqdeer whether this person will fulfil the condition or not. Therefore, the irrevocable decision is written in the final decree.

The hadith is narrated about the change of Taqdeer through Tahajujad and supplication. On the authority of Salman (R.A.), he said, Rasulullah (S.A.W.) said, “Nothing can prevent Taqdeer (God’s judgment) except prayer.” And nothing can increase life except obedience to parents. (Tirmidhi: 2139)

In both verses, Taqdeer Muallaq or conditional Taqdeer is mentioned. That is, Taqdeer can be different in terms of dua. For example: If you pray, life will be like this, or it will be different.


How does Tahajjud affect a person’s life?

Tahajjud brings numerous spiritual benefits including increased closeness to Allah, purification of the soul and increased self-discipline. This is a time when prayers are most likely to be answered. Because it is a time of special mercy and attention from Allah.

Tahajjud prayer can bring specific results in life.

Yes, Tahajjud prayer can bring definite results in life. However, Tahajjud prayer is not a means of controlling or directing certain outcomes. But it is a way of seeking Allah’s guidance, protection and blessings. We believe that sincerely performing Tahajjud and dua to Allah, can bring strength and peace of mind to navigate life’s challenges.

Is there any guarantee that Tahajjud will change destiny?

No, there is no guarantee that Tahajjud will change destiny. Although there is no clear guarantee that every Tahajjud will reflect a person’s wishes. But Muslims should have faith in Allah’s mercy. Because their dua will never fail.

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