Can you pray with tattoos? Quran hadith and opinion of scholars

Shah Muhammad Suhail

Can you pray with tattoos

Tattoos are a pagan culture. But over time, Muslims imitated the pagans by tattooing their bodies. Many also pray with it. But can you pray with tattoos? Because in tattoos, a shape is created by burning or drawing the skin of one’s own body. It changes the human shape.

Can you pray with tattoos?

No, you cannot pray with tattoos. But nowadays there are two types of tattoos. A type that is not a tattoo but resembles a tattoo.

Such drawings, which disappear automatically after a few days or weeks, are not permissible according to the jurists. But the condition is that it should not have any animal pictures or other religious symbols and should not be a hindrance in performing ablution. (Hashiyat Ibn Abidin: 5 / 239)

Ablution and bath will not be purified if there is a barrier to water reaching the skin due to the tattoo. As a result, as long as the tattoo remains, ablution and bathing will not be performed. And prayer will not be performed in this state.

Similarly, ablution and bathing will not be purified even if water cannot reach due to temporary obstructions. And should try to remove and remove as soon as possible. (Al-Mauswatil Fiqhiyah al-Quaytiyah)

Types of tattoos

There are two types of tattoos in this era.

First type: This type of tattoo is done by drawing the shape of the body part, using special colours on the surface of the skin. It does not involve the insertion of a needle or similar under the skin.

Islamic scholars have given a resounding yes to the question of whether you can pray with this type of tattoo. But it is forbidden. For although it is not a real tattoo, it is the imitation and immorality of the infidels.

On the authority of Ibn Umar, the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: Whoever imitates a community belongs to them. (Abu Dawud 4031)

This type of tattoo is just a colour and has no substance, so it’s like henna. This type of tattoo does not affect the validity of ablution.

Imam al-Nawabi rahimahullah said:

“If traces of henna and its colour remain on the hands and elsewhere, but do not contain its essential substance, or there are traces of liquid oil, so that the water does not prevent it from touching the skin, then his ablution will be purified. (Al-Majmo’ Sharh al-Muhaddab 1/467 – 468)

You can’t pray with that kind of tattoo

A type of tattoo that has been popular since ancient times is to pierce the skin with a needle and inject some dye mixed with blood.

It is stated in “International Arab Encyclopedia” (27/110):

“Tattoo: drawing that makes a mark on the skin. It is done by tearing the skin with a sharp instrument, after dipping it in a natural dye.”

Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar, may Allah Almighty have mercy on him, said:

“The place of tattooing becomes impure because the tattooing material sticks to the blood, so it should be removed if possible. And if not possible, if it is possible to do so, it is permissible to leave it in place. (Fathul Bari) ” 10/372)

Reasons for not able to pray you with tattoos

Can you pray with tattoos
Can you pray with tattoos
  1. The tattoo prevents water from reaching the skin.
  2. A person who prays with a tattoo has to pray impurely.

For ablution: If he is not able to remove it, if it does not cover the flesh, then in ablution he washes the healthy parts and performs tayammum on the place of the tattoo. Because if water reaches there it can cause damage. And if the meat is covered, his ablution is valid, because the water has reached the skin.

For Salah: If he can remove the tattoo without harming his body, but he does not remove it, his Salah will not be valid due to impurity.

Provisions of tattoos in Islam

Tattooing on any part of the body is forbidden in Islam. Tattooing involves the mutilation of God’s creation. All those associated with tattoos are said to be cursed in the hadith. Because – it permanently destroys the natural beauty of a person. In the eyes of Islam, this act is very forbidden.

Allah Ta’ala says in the Holy Qur’an, “I have created man in the most beautiful structure.” (Surah III, Ayah, 4).

So distorting the natural beauty of people is prohibited in Islam. That is why the Holy Qur’an calls mutilation the work of Satan’s followers.

The accursed Satan said to Allah, ‘I will surely choose certain people from among Your servants, lead them astray, assure them; I will tell them to blow the ears of the animals and order them to distort the shape created by Allah. Whoever takes Shaytan as a friend besides Allah, he is in manifest harm.’ (Surah Nisa, verses 117-119)

praying with tattoos in Hadith

In the hadith, those associated with the disfigurement of those with tattoos are cursed. Abdullah Ibn Umar Radiyallahu Ta’ala Anhu said, ‘The woman who uses fake hair and who supplies it, and the woman who draws tattoos and who draws, the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, cursed them.” (Bukhari, Hadith, 5598; Muslim, Hadith, 5693)

In another hadith, Abdullah Ibn Abbas Radiyallahu Tayala Anhu narrates that the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, said, “Allah has cursed the woman who draws and draws tattoos for the sake of beauty, the woman who cuts her eyebrows and hollows her teeth.” (Bukhari, Hadith, 5604).


Is tattooing a sin in prayer?

Tattooing is forbidden in Islam. But you can pray with one type of tattoo. Although it is a violation of religious teachings. You cannot pray with other types of tattoos. Above all, tattooing is seen as a sin in prayer.

Will God hear my prayers if I have tattoos?

You can recite dua and dhikr. Because Allah is All-Knowing and Hears all prayers, regardless of external causes like tattoos. A person’s sincerity and devotion are generally considered more important than physical attributes.

Should I cover my tattoo while praying?

Whether or not to cover the tattoo during prayer is a purely personal decision. Some people feel more comfortable covering up their tattoos out of respect for certain religious traditions or cultural norms. But the main question is that praying with a tattoo is not pure.

Can tattoos affect my relationship with Allah?

Yes, it can affect my relationship with God. However, the effect of tattoos on one’s spiritual connection varies from person to person. For some, tattoos can serve as meaningful symbols of personal experiences, while for others, they can be irrelevant or even confusing. It is essential to reflect on one’s beliefs and relationship with spirituality.

What should I do if my religious community disapproves of tattoos?

If your religious community has specific guidelines or teachings regarding tattoos, respecting and following those guidelines is essential if you want to remain a part of that community.

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