Is BTS Haram? Are BTS Muslim? Know and understand the truth

Shah Muhammad Suhail

Is BTS Haram

One of the popular names these days is – BTS. Many are BTS fans knowingly and many unknowingly. Also kudos to those who want to know if BTS is haram? Why is it Haram? Are BTS Muslim? We hope that by knowing the truth in this post, our brothers and sisters will change their thoughts and actions?

In this post I will try to highlight some important information about BTS for you. If you want to gain rational knowledge about this topic then you should read this post well; If you are against this, you can skip this post.

In this post we will try to discuss BTS and its activities from an Islamic perspective. We think no one will object to this post.

What is BTS?

BTS is a South Korean pop brand. They usually compose and direct songs of various types of pop music. They are widely discussed and criticized worldwide due to their strange behavior and debauchery.

Worryingly, many young Muslims are big fans of BTS. Especially Bangladeshi girls are such die-hard fans of BTS that they can’t stand criticizing BTS in front of them. Even listening to the words of the Quran and Hadith, they do not want to be flexible in their devotion.

Is BTS Haram?

Yes, BTS is Haram. All Islamic thinkers of the world agree on this. BTS is conspiring to destroy the faith of young Muslim men and women. Those who support BTS are also complicit in their sins. Here we aim for the activities of members of this brand by BTS. BTS is literally not a brand.

BTS members expose themselves in front of people by dressing up wildly in each of their content. Their songs are also strange, have no good meaning, nothing useful. Their dances are indecent and gestures ugly.

Also, every content of BTS has the use of musical instruments. There is dance, there is a mix of boys and girls. There is a forbidden voice. So BTS is haram. If someone considers it halal then it is kufr.

Why BTS Haram?

There are many reasons behind BTS is Haram.

  • Islam prohibits playing musical instruments. This South Korean boy band entertains people using musical instruments. So their songs and content are haram. Dancing is forbidden in Islam. But BTS group is leading people towards haram by singing, dancing and attracting boys and girls to haram activities.
  • BTS is taking Muslim society away from the Sunnah of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. They are attracting young people towards exotic clothing and lifestyle. Their behavior is completely against the Sunnah. Islam does not support all these colors and wearing torn clothes, immorality and strange behavior.
  • BTS has ties to the Illuminati. Many programs have tried to promote the symbols of the Illuminati. The Illuminati are the forces of Dajjal. Muslims can never support the Illuminati. So BTS is Haram.
Why Bts Haram
Why Bts Haram

What does Islam say about BTS?

Being a Muslim BTS fan is always hypocritical with his faith and belief. Because you bear witness that Allah is the only God. The way of life given by Him is your ultimate way and path. Yet by supporting BTS you are supporting the exact opposite. Those who are not doing the least benefit for your life here and there.

So once you think from a neutral point of view, you will agree with yourself that being a BTS fan or supporting BTS is haram. You will realize that those who like or support BTS songs are actually committing sins for which they will pay after death.

Many BTS fans ask with varying emphasis that I am a person with full Islamic views and follow all the rules of Islam. On the other hand, I support all activities of BTS.

In that case, the answer to your question will be, many people in this world will go to hell because of small mistakes or unknowingly due to various errors despite doing all kinds of worship. If you knowingly engage in a haram act or support a haram act, then how can you get Paradise there?

If we think from a normal and fair point of view, we can understand that all activities of BTS are haram from Islamic point of view. So if you do not forsake them after knowing this, then you will also be partakers of their sin.

Are BTS Muslim?

No, bts is not muslim. Basically bts is a boy band. It is not a question of being a Muslim. And if you ask about the 7 members of BTS. If you want to know whether they are Muslims or not, read this answer. Because this band of 7 members did not reveal any religious identity. Moreover, their behavior and lifestyle make it clear that they are not Muslims. On the contrary, they are propagating and spreading the activities of Satan throughout the world.

BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys. They are formed by Big Hit Entertainment. The members of BTS are Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook. They come from various backgrounds in South Korea and follow a variety of personal beliefs and practices. There is no general information indicating whether any of their members are Muslim. The group’s focus is primarily on music, performance and their artistic endeavors rather than religious affiliation.


BTS is illegal. This is the consensus of Islamic scholars. Because it is contrary to the guidance of the Holy Qur’an and Hadith, Muslim youths pursuing BSC naturally engage in a Haram act.

But if they consider BTS as halal, it is kufr. BTS promotes anti-Islamic values, ideals and culture worldwide throughout its activities. They call people to a strange way of life, which has never existed in human civilization and is never beneficial to man.

So Muslim youth – who are followers of BTS, follow the guidance of Quran and Hadith and leave BTS is the best way to return to the path of their religion.

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