Is it a sin to fart while praying? The Etiquette of Prayer

Shah Muhammad Suhail

Is it a sin to fart while praying

Prayer holds immense significance in Islam, serving as a direct connection between the believer and Allah. It’s a moment of devotion, reflection, and submission to the divine will. However, amidst the solemnity of prayer, questions may arise about the appropriateness of bodily functions such as farting. Is it a sin to fart while praying? Let’s explore this topic in detail, considering Islamic teachings and etiquette surrounding prayer conduct.

The Importance of Purity in Worship

In Islam, maintaining purity is a fundamental aspect of worship. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) emphasized the significance of cleanliness in all aspects of life., Before performing the daily prayers (Salah), Muslims are required to perform Wudu. It’s a ritual washing that symbolizes physical and spiritual purification.

Short answer

Not, It is not a sin to fart while praying. because accidental bodily functions, such as farting, can occur during prayer due to factors beyond one’s control. Islamic teachings acknowledge the human condition and offer guidance on how to handle such situations with grace and dignity. While accidental farting during prayer is generally excused. believers are encouraged to seek ways to minimise distractions and maintain focus during worship.

Is it a sin to fart while praying
Is it a sin to fart while praying?

Importance of intention and sincerity

The intention behind an act (niyah) carries great significance in Islam. Sincerity of heart and purity of intention are the best in the sight of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. If a person accidentally farts during prayer but maintains sincere devotion and respect for Allah, then it does not count as a sin. However, intentional fart in the state of prayer is haram and sinful. Because it disturbs the sanctity of prayer it would be considered dishonorable.

Guidance for Islamic Scholars

Islamic scholars have provided guidance on how to resolve accidental farting during prayer. According to almost all interpretations, if a person farts unintentionally during prayer, his prayer will be invalidated. That person should perform ablution again and pray.

Cultural sensitivity

Different cultures may have different attitudes towards physical activity, but the main tenets of Islam are respect, humility and sincerity of heart. Accidental physical actions are part of human nature and should not deter anyone from seeking spiritual connection through prayer. If someone farts while praying, he cannot be blamed. He cannot be insulted or laughed at.

What to do if you fart in prayer

If there is any reason for breaking ablution in prayer; For example, if the wind is released, will the prayer be broken?

The answer to this question is – If a person breaks his ablution during his prayer and he is sure that his ablution is broken, then he can go to perform ablution. In this case, you cannot talk to anyone, that is, you cannot do anything that breaks the prayer.

If you are praying in congregation, then perform ablution without talking to anyone and you can start the prayer from the part of the prayer where ablution was broken.

That is, if someone breaks his ablution after performing two rakat prayers with the imam, then he can complete the remaining two rakat prayers if he wishes. His prayer is not broken because of breaking ablution, so he can complete the prayer consecutively or if he wishes, he can finish the prayer from the beginning again.


Farting during prayer may raise questions of etiquette and religious propriety in Islam. But it is very important to maintain reverence and devotion in everyone’s worship. Accidental bodily actions are part of being human, so it is not a sin to fart while praying. We should all strengthen our spiritual relationship with Allah by following the teachings of Islam, maintaining purity and praying.


What to do if you fart while praying?

If you fart while praying, it is customary to leave the prayer and perform ablution and rejoin the prayer. Because culture is not developed, people look down on this normal thing in our society. Here, regardless of people, the law should be followed. However, if one performs the prayer without ablution out of shame and then repeats the prayer with ablution, then he is not a disbeliever. It will be a sin to break the rules.

What is the provision of prayer while holding the pressure of fart?

It is makruh to pray with the pressure of fart. Because it disturbs the khushu-khuju (concentration) of the prayer and the prayer is not performed with full heart and mind. Therefore, free from these pressures, it is a duty to pray with full satisfaction and steadfastness.

In the book of Hadith and Fiqh, it is prohibited to pray with urine-toilet and air pressure. In this context, Abdullah Ibn Arqam Radiyallahu Anhu said, I heard the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, say that when the prayer stops and one of you needs to urinate; Let him take care of the need first. (Jamee Tirmidhi, Hadith- 142)

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