Istikhara signs of response | what | Why and How?

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Istikhara signs of response

In one of my posts on Marriage, Children and Happiness, I mentioned Istikhara. Some people have asked me in comments and personally inboxed me, what are – Istikhara signs of response? why and how to do it. We will shed light on that today, God willing!

What is Istikhara?

Istikhara is asking Allah for advice and seeking His help through His knowledge, power and virtue. Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) taught it to his companions in the same way he used to teach them the Qur’an.

Narrated by Jabir Ibn Abdullah (RA) in Bukhari and other hadith collections. A person who performs Istikhara will not regret his actions later, Insha’Allah.

Why Istikhara?

When a Muslim decides to perform a mubah act, he will perform Istikhara with the intention that Allah will provide something beneficial for him.

Mubah is all those activities, food and drinks, etc. which are permissible or halal, but not farj or wajib. That is, one can do it if he wants to, he can’t do it if he doesn’t want to. No one is forced to do them. There is usually no reward for doing it and no sin for not doing it.

Doing many such things is sometimes necessary for survival. Then the Prophet of Allah (ﷺ) taught us to do Istikhara to make a decision. These mubah actions include attending a school or college, working in an institution, marrying someone, settling in a particular country, town or village, buying a particular object such as a car, starting a business, etc.

Istikhara signs of response

Signs of response to Istikhara can be found in many ways. That can only be found in dreams. That is not true. Rather, it can be found in dreams and may not be found. Islam has a clear view of Istikhara. They are-

Whether or not to do new work through Istikhara can be resolved only in a dream or it can be made clear only by dreaming. This is not the case. The key points are-

Falling asleep by begging. Hence, the dream may or may not indicate the subject of Istikhara. However, after waking up from sleep, in doing or not doing the new work, the mind of the Istikharaka will agree or more agree; Becoming interested in that is the result of Istikhara. And to accept that matter as the correct result of Istikhara.

5 signs of response

  1. Inner Peace and Contentment: One of the most commonly reported signs is a sense of inner peace and contentment after performing Istikhara. This feeling of tranquillity indicates that the decision being considered is in harmony with Allah’s will.
  2. Clear Direction or Resolution of Doubts: Istikhara may lead to clarity in thoughts and resolution of doubts regarding the decision at hand. This clarity can come as a result of increased insight, understanding, or a shift in perspective that helps in making a more informed choice.
  3. Facilitation of Events: Sometimes, after performing Istikhara, individuals may notice that events begin to unfold in a way that supports the decision being considered. Obstacles may be removed, opportunities may arise, or circumstances may align favourably, indicating divine guidance.
  4. Repeated Dreams or Signs: Another sign of response to Istikhara can be repeated dreams or signs that provide guidance or confirmation regarding the decision. These dreams or signs may offer insights, reassurance, or reaffirmation of the choice being considered.
  5. External Validation or Positive Feedback: Individuals may receive positive confirmation or validation from trusted sources such as family, friends, or religious scholars regarding the decision being made. This external validation can serve as a sign that the choice is supported by divine guidance.

When to do Istikhara?

Let’s give some examples of doing Istikhara. Say, you want to go to Harvard and maybe you get the chance. But you don’t know if studying in that institution will be beneficial for you in this world and hereafter. So you will decide by Istikhara whether to go there or not.

Similarly, suppose you want to do a particular halal job and you have applied to more than one place; And your application has been accepted. The salary offered by these places varies.

Suppose someone offers you $100,000 a year and others offer $90,000 and $80,000 respectively. Now you have to decide which of these jobs to take up.

Even if the higher salary is attractive outwardly, you don’t know if it will lead to your welfare in this world and the hereafter. So you will decide by Istikhara. Or even before applying you can do Istikhara to decide whether to apply there at all.

The same is true for marriage. God knows which bride or groom will be good for you. So seek his advice and help through Istikhara. You will also decide whether to come to America or not. Thus you will perform Istikhara in all kinds of mubah deeds.

Where can not be istikhara?

There is no Istikhara in the work which is haram or the work which is farz or wajib. For example, there is no Istikhara for not doing a job that involves haram. It certainly cannot be joined. Let me give an example. You have received a job offer from the Bank.

Now there is no Istikhara to join or not. It is forbidden for you to join here. In the same way, no one should perform Istikhara on whether or not a Muslim should marry a Kafir/Mushrik man or woman. She must not marry a kafir-polytheist, because it is forbidden for her.
On the other hand, there is no Istikhara for the work that is fard-wajib.

There is nothing to be decided by Istikhara here. You must do this. For example, don’t do Istikhara whether you give Zakat or not. Do not ask your parents whether or not to help them.

Or the country of the Muslims has been invaded by the enemy and the Amir of the Muslims has issued a general summons for Jihad against the enemy; In such a situation you should not decide by Istikhara. It is wajib for you to join this Jihad.


What are signs of response to Istikhara?

Signs of response to Istikhara are subtle indications or feelings that may guide one’s decision-making process. These signs can include feelings of peace, clarity of thought, facilitation of events, repeated dreams or signs, and external validation.

Are the signs of response to Istikhara guaranteed?

No, the signs of response to Istikhara are not guaranteed tangibly or predictably. They are subjective and may vary from person to person. Ultimately, trust in Allah’s wisdom and His plan is crucial in the decision-making process.

How long does it take to receive a response to Istikhara?

The response to Istikhara may vary in timing. Some people may receive clarity and guidance shortly after performing Istikhara, while for others, it may take longer. Patience and continued prayer are important during this process.

Can Istikhara be performed multiple times for the same decision?

Yes, Istikhara can be performed multiple times for the same decision, especially if one does not feel certain or satisfied with the initial guidance received. However, it’s important to maintain sincerity and trust in Allah’s guidance throughout the process.

What if I don’t receive clear signs of response to Istikhara?

If one does not receive clear signs of response to Istikhara, it’s important to continue seeking guidance through prayer, patience, and advice from knowledgeable individuals. Sometimes, the lack of clear signs may itself be a form of guidance.

Should I rely solely on Istikhara signs for decision-making?

While Istikhara signs can provide valuable guidance, they should not be relied upon as the sole basis for decision-making. It’s important to also consider practical factors, consult with knowledgeable individuals, and make an informed decision while trusting in Allah’s guidance.

Is it necessary to interpret dreams or signs received after Istikhara?

Interpreting dreams or signs received after Istikhara is not mandatory. However, if one receives such dreams or signs, it may be beneficial to reflect on their meaning and how they relate to the decision being considered. Seeking advice from knowledgeable individuals can also provide insight.

What if the signs of response to Istikhara contradict my desires?

If the signs of response to Istikhara seem to contradict one’s desires, it’s important to trust in Allah’s wisdom and prioritize His guidance over personal inclinations. Sometimes, what may seem contrary to our desires may be what is best for us in the long run.

Can Istikhara be performed for any decision?

Yes, Istikhara can be performed for any decision, whether big or small, that one feels uncertain about. It is a way to seek Allah’s guidance and wisdom in all aspects of life.

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