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Benefits of Durood Sharif

Thanks to Rasulullah (PBUH), we could be initiated into Islam. His grace upon us is innumerable. We can’t claim this grace. So, at least, our religious duty as Ummah is to read more Durood for Rasulullah (S.A.W.). Reading Durood Sharif has countless benefits.

Benefits of Durood Sharif

Durood Sharif pa has countless benefits. Reciting durood is an excellent means of receiving Allah’s mercy, an easy way to find peace. If you recite the Qur’an, Allah may or may not get it. But durood sharif is an ever-taken deed that Allah accepts when repeated.

By the importance of reciting the durood on the Prophet S.A.W., it is easily assumed that Almighty Allah himself repeated the durood and salam on him. It is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, “Surely Allah showered His mercy on the Prophet and the angels prayed for him.” O you who believe, recite more durood on him and send many salutations.’ (Surah Ahzab, verse: 56)

In explaining the mentioned verse, Abul Alia said the purpose of Salatullah, i.e., showering Allah’s mercy, is that Allah praises the Prophet to the angels. By ‘Salatul Malaika, ‘ the angels pray for mercy for the Prophet. (Sahih Bukhari: 2/708)

30 benefits list

Durood Sharif, also known as Salawat. It is an Islamic act by which we send prayers and salutations to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). There are many benefits with Durood Sharif. Here are 30 blessings and benefits of Durood Sharif you can practice knowing.

  1. Intercession on the Day of Judgment: Durood Sharif is a means of seeking the intercession of the Prophet on the Day of Judgment.
  2. Sins are forgiven: If you recite Durood regularly, sins are forgiven.
  3. Elevation of Spiritual Status: The spiritual status of one who recites it is elevated.
  4. Protection from danger: Durood Sharif is a means of protection from danger.
  5. Increase Blessings: Practicing this can increase blessings in your life.
  6. Peace and Tranquility: Reciting Durood brings peace and tranquility to the heart.
  7. The door of mercy is opened: Allah’s mercy and grace are extended.
  8. Relieving Difficulties: Durood is a means of getting help in difficult times.
  9. Enhancing Spiritual Connection: Regular recitation of Durood Sharif strengthens the relationship between the Prophet and Allah.
  10. Love for Allah and His Messenger: Durood is a means of gaining love for Allah and His Messenger.
  11. Guidance and Wisdom: Reciting Durood gives guidance and wisdom.
  12. Cleans the heart: Reciting Durood regularly purifies the heart and soul.
  13. Blessings of Sustenance: Durood Sharif is associated with sustenance growth.
  14. Curing Illnesses: It has healing properties for physical and spiritual ailments.
  15. Protection from Enemies: Reciting Durood is believed to protect from enemies.

15 more benefits

  1. Ease of Difficulty: It makes complex tasks simple.
  2. Increase in Knowledge: Regular recitation is associated with increased knowledge and wisdom.
  3. Protection from Hell Fire: Durood Sharif is believed to protect from the punishment of Hell.
  4. Fulfillment of wishes: It is said that sincere recitation can fulfill one’s legitimate wishes.
  5. Family Dua: Durood involves prayers and harmony in family life.
  6. Strengthening Faith: It is believed to increase trust and faith in Islam.
  7. Granting intercession: Recitation of Durood involves the intercession of the Prophet for the believers.
  8. Acceptance of prayers: It is said that reciting Durood increases the chances of prayers and supplications being accepted.
  9. Relief from grief and sorrow: Durood Sharif helps get relief from suffering.
  10. Gaining Jannat: The reciter of Durood will be with Rasulullah (S.A.W.) in Jannat.
  11. Character refinement: Regular reading of Durood plays a role in character refinement.
  12. Increase in Generosity: It is related to increased generosity and generosity.
  13. Protection from hypocrisy: Durood Sharif protects against hypocrisy and insincerity.
  14. Enhancement of good deeds: It is believed to increase the reward of good deeds.
  15. Peaceful Death: Reciting Durood regularly will bring a soft and blessed death.

Hadith on Durood Sharif

A few hadiths related to the benefits of Durood Sharif are given below:-

  1. Abu Huraira (R.A.) said that the Prophet (S.A.W.) said – “Whoever recites Durood Sharif on me once, Allah will send ten blessings upon him” (Muslim – Abu Dawud).
  2. Ibn Masood (R.A.) said – The Prophet (PBUH) said – Surely on the Day of Resurrection, the person who will be closest to me will be the one who recites the most Durood Sharif on me (Tirmidhi).
  3. Anas (R.A.) said – The Prophet (S.A.W.) said – Whoever recites Durood Sharif on me once, Allah will bestow ten blessings on him, forgive ten sins, and increase his dignity ten times (Nasa’i.
  4. Hazrat Ammar Ibn Yasir (R.A.) said – The Prophet (S.A.W.) said – Allah Almighty has placed an angel in my fast, who has given him the power to listen to all the world’s people.

So whoever recites Durood Sharif on me until the Day of Resurrection, the angel will mention his name and his father’s name and present Durood Sharif to me in this way that the son of such and such person has sent Durood Sharif to you. (Al Kaul al-Wadi, At-Targheeb wa-Tarheeb).

  1. Anas (R.A.) said: The Prophet (S.A.W.) said: “Whoever recites durood on me one hundred times on Friday and one hundred times on the night of Friday, Allah will fulfill one hundred of his Hajjat. Of these, seventy Hajjat are hereafter, and thirty Hajjat are divine. He has appointed an angel who will deliver it to my grave as someone brings a gift to you. Knowledge after my death is like knowledge during my lifetime. Whoever recites durood on me, Feresta will inform me with his name and lineage. Then, I will record his name and address in a bright book. (Bayhaqi Sharif)

opinion of Scholars

Benefits of Durood Sharif
Benefits of Durood Sharif

Shaykh Ibnul Qayyim Jawaziah (R.A.) has described forty benefits of reciting Darood Sharif in his famous book Jalaul Afham. A few are mentioned below.

  • One can expect the prayer to be accepted by reciting Darood before praying because Darud reaches the supplication to Allah Ta’ala. And before repeating Darood, the prayer hangs between heaven and earth. When Darood is recited, it is accepted.
  • By reciting Darood, the need will be fulfilled. If there is a need for anything in the blessing of reading Darud, Allah Ta’ala solves it.
  • By reciting Darood, if something is forgotten, it is remembered. If you forget something, repeating Darood will remind you of that.
  • Poverty is removed by reciting Darood.
  • By reciting Darud Sharif, even the minimal right of the Prophet is fulfilled. The blessing that Allah Ta’ala has given us through the Prophet, the minimum gratitude for it, is achieved by reciting Darud; that is, the unlimited mercy and grace of the Prophet exists on this Ummah, and the right to that grace can never be realized. So if Durood Sharif is read on the Prophet, some rights are earned!

The mentioned benefits will be achieved by reciting the durood on the Prophet. And that Durood should be repeated in the manner prescribed by the Prophet. Otherwise, the benefit will not be available.


What is Durood Sharif?

Durood Sharif is a pious act of Islam in which Muslims send prayers and salutations to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Why do you recite Durood Sharif?

You will get many benefits by reciting Durood Sharif. It expresses love and respect for Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam. His intercession can be obtained on the Day of Hashar.

How many times Durood Sharif should be recited?

No specific frequency is required. But you should keep reciting Durood regularly. 500 times or 200 times daily if possible. Don’t forget to recite it, especially on Fridays and during hardships.

Does reading Durood Sharif fulfill personal wishes?

Yes, reciting Durood Sharif fulfills personal wishes. But that desire must be valid. And the intentions must be pure and consistent with Islamic principles.

Can Durood Sharif bring blessings to the family?

Yes, Durood Sharif can bring blessings and harmony in family life.

Should I recite Durood Sharif silently or aloud?

You can recite Durood Sharif silently and aloud. You will fix it according to the time and place. But sincerity is more important during lessons.

Can non-Arabic speakers recite Durood Sharif in their mother tongue?

No, non-Arabic speakers cannot recite Durood Sharif in their mother tongue. They should learn the original Arabic version. Sincere prayers and blessings can also be expressed in one’s mother tongue.

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