Dhuhr prayer

Does sneezing break wudu

Does sneezing break wudu? Here is the real truth

Shah Muhammad Suhail

Ablution is required to offer prayers. If there is no ablution, there is no prayer. So ablution is necessary for ...

Dua for forgiveness of Zina

Dua for forgiveness of Zina | Steps to Repentance | Guidance

Shah Muhammad Suhail

Before knowing Dua for forgiveness of zina you should know what is the punishment of Zina. Of all the sins ...

Most powerful dua to get anything in seconds

Most powerful dua to get anything in seconds | With Sunnah of Dua

Shah Muhammad Suhail

Dua is a special blessing of Allah. He is Ghafurur Rahim, His mercy has no end. If a believer asks ...

Very powerful Dua for Rizq

Very powerful Dua for Rizq | Hadith and Applied experience

Shah Muhammad Suhail

Allah is the owner of sustenance. He is the Lord, Sustainer and Owner of all things. So one should pray ...

Dua for money problems

Dua for money problems | Hadith and Best effective way

Shah Muhammad Suhail

Islam is a religion of peace where there is a solution to everything here is Dua for money problems. Because ...

Cancer cure Dua

Cancer cure Dua | practice | Benefits and Islamic ways

Shah Muhammad Suhail

You may despair of all the ways and means of the world, but you cannot despair of Allah’s mercy and ...

Dua for noor on face

Dua for noor on face | practice Hadith and effective means

Shah Muhammad Suhail

We all want our faces to be beautiful. Find different ways to do this. Some use natural ingredients on the ...

Can I pray Dhuhr early

Can I pray Dhuhr early? Yes or no | Benefit and loss

Shah Muhammad Suhail

There is a fixed time for Dhuhr prayer. Dhuhr should be performed at that time. But many times we want ...

Islamic Good Morning Dua

Islamic Good Morning Dua | 20 + Duas | Pronunciation | Meaning

Shah Muhammad Suhail

Islamic Good morning Dua is the command of Almighty Allah. In the Holy Qur’an, Almighty Allah has repeatedly declared this ...

Tahajjud Dua acceptance | Conditions | Specialty and Related Answers

Shah Muhammad Suhail

Tahajjud Dua is a very effective time of acceptance. Allah Almighty accepts the prayers of the last night more than ...

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