Dua to make things easy | Pronunciation | Meaning and power

Shah Muhammad Suhail

Many times people get disoriented due to work pressure. Cannot remain in restlessness and tension. At that time there is no way to get physical, spiritual or mental peace without the help of Almighty Allah. Therefore, no matter how difficult the work may be, the help of Almighty Allah is very important. There is a Dua about this in the famous book of hadith Ibn Hibban. We can call it dua to make things easy.

In Islam, the act of supplication, known as dua, holds profound significance. It serves as a direct channel of communication between the believer and the Creator. It offers solace, guidance, and relief in times of need.

Among the various purposes of dua, one prominent aspect is seeking ease amidst life’s challenges. This article delves into the concept of finding ease through prayer.

exploring its significance in Islamic teachings and providing insights into key supplications for making tasks manageable.

Dua to make things easy

Dua to make things easy, it is narrated by Anas Radiyallahu Anhu from the beloved Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam. The prayer is-

اللَّهُمَّ لا سَهْلَ إِلا مَا جَعَلْتَهُ سَهْلا, وَأَنْتَ إِنْ شِئْتَ جَعَلْتَ الْحَزَنَ سَهْلا

Pronunciation: Allahumma, la sahla illa ma zaaltahu sahlan. Wa Anta in Shiite Jaaltal Hajana Sahlan.

Meaning: ‘O Allah! Nothing is easy except what you make easy. And if you wish, you make the most difficult things easy.’ (Ibn Hibban).

Therefore, a Muslim believer should read this prayer more and more to get peace in difficult moments of life and to do difficult tasks easily.

May Allah Ta’ala grant the Tawfiq to all Muslim Ummah to act on Hadith in difficult times. Grant tawfik of asking for help through the supplication mentioned in the hadith. Amen.

The Concept of Making Things Easy in Islam

Islam emphasizes the concept of seeking ease in all aspects of life. The Quran repeatedly mentions Allah’s attribute of being Al-Mujeeb (the Responsive). it’s indicating His readiness to answer the prayers of His servants.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) exemplified this principle through his own life. Unwavering trust in Allah’s ability to alleviate difficulties through sincere supplication.

The hadith literature is replete with instances where the Prophet sought ease through prayer, highlighting its importance in the life of a believer.

The Virtue of Patience and Trust in Allah

Although dua is a powerful tool for comfort, one must trust in Allah’s wisdom. Believers are encouraged to exert effort in their endeavors while relying on Allah for support and guidance.

Even when ease does not come immediately, maintaining patience and trust in Allah’s plan is integral to the faith. Quranic verses reassure believers that with every hardship comes ease, affirming the divine promise of relief for those who persevere with faith and patience.

Key Duas for Making Things Easy

Islamic tradition offers several specific supplications for seeking ease in various aspects of life:

  • Dua Istikhara: A prayer for seeking guidance and clarity in decision-making, asking Allah to make the path easy for the supplicant.
  • Dua for Removing Difficulty: A supplication for relief from burdens and hardships, invoking Allah’s mercy and assistance in times of distress.
  • Dua for Removing Anxiety and Sorrow: An invocation for tranquility and peace of mind, seeking refuge in Allah from worries and grief.
  • Dua for Ease in Completing Tasks: A prayer for assistance in accomplishing goals and fulfilling responsibilities, acknowledging dependence on Allah’s support.

The Importance of Sincerity and Consistency in Dua

The effectiveness of dua lies not only in the words uttered but also in the sincerity of the supplicant’s heart.

Islam emphasizes the importance of genuine faith and trust in Allah’s mercy when making supplications.

Consistency in turning to Allah in prayer, especially during times of difficulty, strengthens one’s connection with the Divine and increases the likelihood of receiving assistance.

Believers are encouraged to maintain a steadfast commitment to dua, regardless of the circumstances they face.

Practical Steps to Enhance the Impact of Dua

To amplify the impact of dua in seeking ease, believers can adopt several practical steps:

Cultivate a strong relationship with Allah through regular acts of worship, such as prayer, recitation of Quran, and dhikr.

Engage in acts of charity and kindness to attract Allah’s mercy and blessings, knowing that generosity and compassion are rewarded manifold by the Most Merciful.

Maintain a positive mindset and trust in Allah’s plan, recognizing that every difficulty is a test of faith and an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Conclusion: Trusting in the Divine Promise of Ease

In conclusion, the power of dua as a means of seeking ease in life cannot be overstated in Islam. Through sincere supplication, believers establish a profound connection with their Creator, finding solace, guidance, and relief in times of need.

As they navigate life’s challenges, Muslims are reminded to embody patience, trust, and unwavering faith in Allah’s promise to make things easy for those who seek His assistance.

By incorporating dua into our daily lives we can rest assured that Allah is the Comforter and the Source of all guidance.

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