Can I pray Dhuhr early? Yes or no | Benefit and loss

Shah Muhammad Suhail

Can I pray Dhuhr early

There is a fixed time for Dhuhr prayer. Dhuhr should be performed at that time. But many times we want to perform dhuhr early for some reason. So I want to know – Can I pray Dhuhr early?

After a person believes in Islam, his main responsibility is to perform 5 daily prayers according to all the provisions of the Quran, Hadith and Sharia revealed to Muhammad. Preferring God’s command over one’s likes and dislikes. So you can’t pray Dhuhr early if you want.

But there are times and conditions when you can pray Dhuhr early. For this, you need to know when dhuhr can be prayed early and when not.

Can I pray Dhuhr early?

No, I cannot pray dhuhr early before the appointed time for Dhuhr begins. In the Holy Qur’an, Allah Ta’ala says, “Surely prayer has been made obligatory for the believer at the appointed time.” – (Surah Nisa: Verse 103)

The appointed time in this verse means the times appointed by Allah Ta’ala for each prayer. So you should pray dhuhr only at that particular time. It will not be accepted if collected before this. However, if it is not paid after the time has passed, there is a provision to forfeit it.

Why can’t you pray Dhuhr early?

If I hasten Dhuhr, it does not obey Allah’s law. Rather, it fulfills my heart’s desire. Allah has ordered His servants to worship according to the time and rules. So we have to perform our prayers on time.

Ibn Abbas Radiyallahu Anhuma said, Whenever Allah Ta’ala imposes an obligatory law on His servants, He sets a limit for it. Then those who would not be able to do it were given a different path.

The exception to this is the remembrance of Allah. As long as one has a sound conscience regarding this dhikr, Allah Ta’ala has not allowed anyone to present an objection. He should be recited in all circumstances. (Tabari, At-Tafseers Sahih)

Benefits of not paying Dhuhr early

If you pray dhuhr before the time of dhuhr starts, then you will not pray. But if you pray after the start of Dhuhr, it will be.

Narrated by Abu Amr Shaybani (RA) in a hadith. He pointed to the house of ‘Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (ra) and said, the owner of this house narrated to us,

I asked Allah’s Messenger (PBUH), which deed is dearer to Allah? He said, ‘Salat on time. Ibn Masud (RA) asked again, which one? Abdullah Ibn Masud (R) said, then treat your parents well.

Ibn Masud (RA) asked again, which one? Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said, then Jihad in the way of Allah. Ibn Mas’ud (RA) said These are the things that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) told me. If I wanted to know more, he would have said more. (Bukhari, Hadith: 527)

When can FDhuhr be performed early?

You or I can perform the Dhuhr prayer early after the Dhuhr prayer starts. Many times it is seen that there is some delay in starting the prayer congregation in the mosque of our local area.

In that case, if we have any important work, then we can pray alone if we want quickly. Although joining the Jamaat was a must we will leave the Jamaat due to our inability.

Or a few of us can pray early if we want with a congregation before the congregation starts in the mosque. It is beneficial for everyone.

There is a detailed description of the time of prayer in the hadith. The Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, said, There is a first and last time for prayer. The first time for Zuhr prayer is when the sun sets. And the last time is until the Asr time enters.


Can I pray again in the congregation after praying Dhuhr early?

No, after praying the Dhuhr prayer quickly alone, you cannot pray it again in a congregation. Sulaiman, the freed slave of Maimunah (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

“Once I saw Abdullah Bin Umar Radiyallahu Anhu sitting on the floor of the mosque; but all the others were praying in congregation. Then I said, “Father of Abdur Rahman, why aren’t you praying with everyone?” He replied, “I have prayed the said prayer before. I heard the Prophet (pbuh) say:

“No (obligatory) prayer can be offered twice on the same day.” (Nasa’i, Hadith 862)

However, if one sees others praying in the congregation after performing an obligatory prayer, he will stand with them in the intention of Nafl.

Once Mihjan was sitting with the Messenger of Allah (PBUH). In this situation, the call to prayer was made. The Prophet (PBUH) got up from there finished the prayer and saw Mi’hazan Radiyallahu Anhu sitting there. Then he said to him:

“Why don’t you pray? Aren’t you a Muslim?” He said, “Of course, I am a Muslim. But I have come to pray in my area. Then the Prophet (PBUH) said:

“When you come to such a state you will still pray with the people. Although you have prayed before.” (Nasa’i, Hadith 859)

What happens if you pay dhuhr early?

If you pray Dhuhr in a hurry before the time of Dhuhr starts, you have to pray again. Because your prayers were not purified before the time.

Allah Ta’ala says: “It is obligatory upon the believers to perform the prayer at the appointed times”. [Surah Nisa, verse 103] The schedule of the five daily prayers has already been discussed in Q&A No. 9940.

It is not sahih to perform the prayer before the time based on the ijma (consensus) of the Muslim Ummah. If one prays before the Waqt, then:

  • If he does it intentionally then his prayer will be invalid and his sin will be
  • If involuntarily from the impression that the word has entered; Then he will not be guilty. The performed prayer will be considered a Nafal prayer. But he must repeat the obligatory prayer; Since the time for prayer is a condition.

Can I pray dhuhr early due to my busy schedule?

Yes, you can pray dhuhr prayer early if you have valid reasons like being busy with work, travel, or other commitments. But it is essential to ensure that I hasten after the start of dhuhr time.

At what time can I pray dhuhr early?

You can do Dhuhr any time after the sun passes its zenith (highest point) until the time for Asr prayer begins. It usually starts after the sun sets from the zenith around noon depending on your location.

Can I pray dhuhr early every day?

No, I should not pray early dhuhr every day. Because it is preferable to perform the dhuhr prayer at its appointed time unless there is a genuine reason to hasten it. It is against the best practice to perform the dhuhr prayer regularly without a valid reason.

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