Can you pray Tahajjud after Isha? Clear answer based on Hadith

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Can you pray Tahajjud after Isha?

A believer should make every effort to recite Tahajjud. But if someone is unsure about getting up in the last part of the night, is there an alternative method for them to achieve the merits of Tahajjud, or can you pray Tahajjud after Isha? You can read this post to know that.

The Holy Qur’an mentions the Tahajjud prayer, “Surely waking up at night is more effective in calming the mind.” The recitation (Quran Tilawat and Dhikr) at that time is correct. (Surah: Muzzammil, verse: 06)

However, Tahajjud must not be equivalent to leaving the bed and praying in the last part of the night. But Tahajjud can be expected to get the reward.

Can you pray tahajjud after Isha?

Yes, you can pray Tahajjud after Isha. However, it is best to recite Tahajjud after waking up in the last hour of the night. The person who is not sure that he will be able to wake up on the previous night can perform this prayer from the time of the Isha prayer until the morning of Sadiq.

In this, you will get the virtues of Tahajjud because the central time of the Tahajjud prayer starts after the Isha prayer, although the best time is after waking up.

Many of us are deprived of the reward of Tahajjud by not being able to get up on the last night. Rasulullah (s.a.w.) was kind to this weakness of his ummah and taught that ‘you should pray two to four Rakats for Tahajjud before going to bed after Isha prayer.

Hadith of praying Tahajjud after Isha

Sauban – Radiyallahu Anhu – said, Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said, “The awakening of the night is a difficult and heavy thing, so when you pray Witr (before going to bed), pray two Rak’ats (Nafal). Please get up later in the last night; otherwise, these two Rakats will be the way to get the virtue of Qiyamul Lail.”

Four rakat Nafal after Isha has a special reward. In the Hadith, the Ka’b – may Allah be pleased with him – said, ‘Whoever performs ablution well and participates in the Isha congregation, then prays four Rak’ats (Nafal) after the Isha prayer, in which the Qirat-Ruku-Sajdah is performed correctly, has a reward similar to Shabakdar. (Nasa’i, Hadith: 4955)

Apart from that, the famous Hadith narrated by Ibn Abbas – Radiyallahu Anhu – where he was a guest at night in the house of his aunt Umm al-Mu’minin Maimuna – Radiyallahu Anhu – to witness the night activities of Rasulullah – Radiyallahu Anhu – He also saw the act of offering four rakat nafal prayers before his sleep. (Bukhari, Hadith: 117)


You can pray Tahajjud after Isha. So those of us who cannot get up in the last part of the night despite trying hard should at least recite the Nafal prayers mentioned along with the Sunnah of Isha. InshaAllah, Almighty Allah will give us the virtues of Tahajjud in return.

However, creating the mindset, habit, and environment to leave the bed at night’s end for the love of Allah will increase our status in the court of Allah Almighty. May God bless everyone.

Tahajjud prayer after Isha fatwa

The period of Tahajjud is from after the Isha prayer until the start of Fajr. But its central time is the last watch of the night. The previous watch refers to the last third of the night until the beginning of the Fajr prayer. Yes, it is permissible to recite two rak’at Sunnah after Isha prayer and Tahajjud before Witr if there is a possibility of not waking up. However, to get the status of complete Tahajjud, one has to get up at the last hour of the night and perform this prayer.

Abdullah Ibn Umar Razi. Narrated from, Rasulullah ﷺ said, اجْعَلُوا اخِرَ صَلاَتِكُمْ بِاللَّيْلِ وِتْرًا will be the last prayer of your night. (Bukhari 998 Muslim 751)

Jabir agreed. Narrated by Rasulullah ﷺ said:

مَنْ خَافَ أَنْ لَا يَقُومَ مِنْ اخِرِ اللَّيْلِ فَلْيُوتِرْ اَوَّلَهُ , وَمَنْ طَمِعَ َنْ يَقُومَ اخِرَهُ فَلْيُوتِرْ اخِرَ الَّيْلِ , فَإِنَّ صَلَةَ اَوَّلَهُ َّيْلِ مَشْهُودَةٌ , وَذَلِكَ أَفْضَلُ

A person who fears that he will not be able to get up on the last night should recite the Veethi on the first night. And whoever desires to get up (to worship) in the previous part of the night, let him perform the ritual in the last part. Angels appear in the last part of the night prayer, which is the best deed. (Muslim 755)


Is there a fixed time for Tahajjud after Isha?

Although no specific time is specified for Tahajjud after Isha, scholars recommend delaying it until the night’s end. When Allah descends to the lowest sky, it is more meritorious.

Can I pray Tahajjud right after Isha?

Yes, although it is permissible, the preferred time for Tahajjud is late at night. It is not customary to pray immediately after Isha, and delaying increases the spiritual significance.

How many Rakat Tahajjud prayers after Isha?

The minimum number of Rakats for Tahajjud is two Rakats. However, it is usually read in odd numbers, such as 4, 6, 8, 10, 2 or so. There is no fixed limit for the rakat of Tahajjud, which can be adjusted based on individual wishes.

Can I combine Isha and Tahajjud prayers?

Yes, you can combine Isha and Tahajjud prayers. However, since Tahajjud is a separate and optional night prayer, performing it separately rather than mixing it with the Isha prayer is better. Because the essence of Tahajjud lies in waking up after some sleep and praying at the end of the night.

Is it necessary to sleep before praying, Tahajjud?

No, it is not obligatory to sleep before Tahajjud, but if one prays after waking up, it has more spiritual significance. If one cannot sleep, one can pray Tahajjud without sleeping.

Do women pray Tahajjud after Isha?

Yes, women can also pray Tahajjud after Isha. The general guidelines of Tahajjud apply to both men and women. However, women should consider their circumstances and cultural norms regarding night prayers.

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