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Praying Tahajjud for 40 days

The importance of the Tahajjud prayer is immense. The status of the believer increases in this prayer. It is also one of the ways to become a beloved servant of Allah. However, Praying Tahajjud for 40 days has particular virtues.

The beloved Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, has highlighted the benefits and cautions of the believer by performing the Tahajjud prayer. Satan is man’s avowed enemy. That is why the repulsed Satan always tries to keep the believing servant from Tahajjud by using all his tricks.

That is why the true believer challenges the devil, prohibits night comfort, and spends the night in Tahajjud prayer. Here, we will discuss the benefits of Praying Tahajjud for 40 days.

Praying Tahajjud for 40 days

There are several benefits to Praying Tahajjud for 40 days. Whatever you want from the Merciful Allah, you will get it, Inshallah. No job, read Tahajjud. No money, pray Tahajjud. In danger, pray Tahajjud.

What do you need? Inshallah, you will get everything. Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam asked If someone wanted to submit his wishes to Allah.

If he wants something from Almighty Allah, he should pray Tahajjud for 40 days and ask Allah for his will. Of course, Allah Ta’ala will accept any of his lawful wishes.

So whatever we need, we should not ask from Allah. To receive something from someone, it is necessary to have a very close relationship with him; in the same way, to receive something from Allah, it is essential to establish a good relationship with Allah, the Merciful Creator of me and you.

And the servant can establish the best relationship with Allah only through Tahajjud. Then Allah Pak rushed to the servant and kept calling who needed what.

Benefits of Praying Tahajjud for 40 days

  • You can get close to Allah.
  • There is a possibility that you will join the ranks of the beloved servants of Allah Ta’ala. There is a high probability that your prayer will be accepted.
  • Forgiveness of your sins may be appropriate.
  • You can proceed to Paradise.
  • Virtue will increase in your deeds.
  • Your soul will continue to be pure from impure.
  • Your faith will increase.
  • He can develop himself as a true Muslim.

Hadith about Praying Tahajjud for 40 days

Abu Huraira narrated from RA, the Prophet SAW. Said, ‘Allah descends to the nearest heaven every night when the last third of the night remains.

He then continued to say – who are you who will call me, and I will respond to his call? Who shall ask of me, and I shall give him it? Who will ask me for forgiveness, and I will forgive him? (Bukhari and Muslim)

The author of Mishkatul Masabih, Abu Saeed Khudri, quoted the Sunnah in the city. Mentions a hadith from Rasulullah SAW said Allah is pleased with three persons (laughs).

  • One. One who gets up for Tahajjud and prays.
  • Two. People who line up for prayers.
  • Three. Mujahids who line up to fight for the cause of Allah. (Hadith number 1160/2)

Analyzing the above Qur’an and Hadith, it is understood that Tahajjud is the most prestigious prayer. Every Muslim man and woman should perform this prayer.

Maybe it will be easy to get close to Allah through this prayer. When the distance from the creator decreases, the creator can protect the servant’s claim. So if a person recites Tahajjud for 40 days and prays, then it is hoped that Allah will accept his prayers.

How do I know whether I have benefited from Tahajjud or not?

There are many ways to tell if you have benefited from reading Tahajjud for 40 days.

First, there are three ways to accept the dua you made in Tahajjud.

  • Allah will give you precisely what you ask for in dua.
  • Maybe Allah Ta’ala will not give you what you requested in your dua but instead remove some danger from you.
  • Allah will not give you what you ask for. Instead, He will prepare good blessings for you in Paradise.

It should be remembered that Allah gives the servant only what he deserves. Maybe what you asked for is not suitable for you. You don’t know it, but Allah knows it. That is why Allah has not given you what you need but has preserved it so you can benefit from it in the Hereafter.

Second: You will enjoy the rewards of Tahajjud in the Hereafter. And in the world, you will realize that your soul is gradually being purified and becoming a total believer. Your faith is growing.

A warning about the 40 days of Tahajjud

We have seen on various websites online that people say that performing Tahajjud prayers for 40 days will bring certain benefits.

But their words are false because no hadith or verse of the Qur’an says there will be any specific benefit from performing Tahajjud prayers for 40 days.

Therefore, we should avoid the idea that we can achieve any specific goal if we pray Tahajjud for 40 days. Still, we should believe that we will gain overall benefits by performing Tahajjud prayers for 40 days.


Why 40 days of Tahajjud prayer?

40-day Tahajjud forms a habit. It is a spiritual practice. The benefits of continuity in worship can be gained. It can bring a positive change in one’s life.

Is it Sunnah to pray Tahajjud for 40 days?

Yes, reading Tahajjud is Sunnah. But it is not Sunnah to pray Tahajjud for 40 days. It is a recommended worship and a personal practice to deepen one’s connection with Allah.

How do I start regular Tahajjud prayers?

Start waking up a little earlier each night. After the Isha prayer, he goes to sleep without talking. Pray Witr and gradually add more concentration to Tahajjud. This way, you get used to the routine.

Can I miss a night in 40 days?

Yes, you can miss any one night in 40 days because reading Tahajjud for 40 consecutive nights is unnecessary. But if you miss a night, you’ll continue to practice for the rest of the day.

Can women pray for 40 nights, Tahajjud?

Yes, women can pray Tahajjud for 40 nights. They will perform it at home. But in doing so, the husband cannot be deprived of his rights.

Can I make a specific dua during the 40 days of Tahajjud?

Yes, do personal dua during 40 Tahajjud because the best time for prayer is Tahajjud. Because God accepts more prayers at particular times of the night.

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