Tahajjud miracles | Some stories and paths of inspiration

Shah Muhammad Suhail

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Tahajjud miracles

If you are interested in knowing some of the miracles of Tahajjud, we have several thrilling stories of Tahajjud in this post for you. You must call them. Also, you will find here some stories that will inspire you more towards Tahajjud.

Tahajjud miracles

About the year 2017. I am an HSC candidate. Since then, my journey to the path of religion began. At first, I just kept realizing that the way I was going and the way my family was going, it was not right.

All orders of Allah should be obeyed, and the self should be corrected. That time, I went through the most challenging time of my life. When I turn away from many sins, my faith begins to be tested. With all these complications due to many personal problems, the stress is going wild day by day.

I have some dreams during inter exams. I did not understand then that my Lord was pointing me to follow his path. Now that time has come, I realize how blessed the dreams were for me.

In a dream, Allah has sent hell to the world. His whole body was burnt to ashes. Bent. Just a body of ash and coal. Eyes are bleeding and crying continuously. I woke up scared. Sleep in restlessness. Perform ablution and stand in prayer.

part two

I was stunned for a while. Then I usually walk as before. After some time, I dreamed again,was standing in Jannatul Baki—whoa le astrological night. Many Companions were martyred in a single Jihad.

Graves are being dug for them. Rasool (pbuh) and Khadija (pbuh) are supervising him from standing. After seeing this, the body began to sweat. I woke up with fear.

I try to change myself after these dreams. Try to stay away from sin. It comes with various obstacles. I am personally distraught, and I finished the inter-exams somehow.

I sat in the exam hall without reading anything, and I cried on the bus. After the exam came the varsity admission coaching. But my mental condition is terrible. I cannot think of anything permanent about the world. It seems that what will happen to these studies? Remembering sins again and again. Listen to any lecture in coaching. I don’t feel like studying back home.

Tahajjud Miracles Part Three

I ask Allah for forgiveness for my sins. And I cry every day. I wake up at night and pray. For a long time, I read two Rakats of Tahajjud before Fajr. I call in prostration. I scream, sitting in prayer. Allah is very much his own. I get a power different from the mind.

One night, I slept after praying. A miracle happened. I started to change myself. Stop communicating with all Facebook boyfriends. Change mobile number.

Open a new ID. Please do not add any friends to it, just like some Islamic pages. One day, a message came. I start talking. Let’s talk about the disappointment of the man with the unknown ID. I kept telling the story of my sins. But I still do not know whose ID it is! I don’t know why I told him everything.

At one point, seeing my despair, he said, ‘Is your sin greater than the mercy of your Lord?’ Only my God knows, and I know how relieved I felt. He asked me to pray and fall asleep. I did the same.

Part four

I entered the ID the following day. See, he blocked me. I thought, what happened to me? I didn’t even notice his ID name well the night before. He only said in his introduction, ‘A servant of Allah.’

Day by day, my change begins. With that comes the battle of life. I used to obey the Mahram without the Mahram. But I got into trouble. I had to listen more from the family. Everyone gets annoyed and removes the veil if you go in front of someone with your hair covered. I used to cry a lot, and I could not say anything to anyone.

I got nicknames like militant, ghost, and many more. Everyone was asking, what is the veil between relatives? I do a lot of shopping in advance. In college, I used to buy different clothes for every occasion. I used to go to the parlor.

No one in the family forbade it then. But when I asked for money to buy a Dhola burka, black veil, and niqab, they did not give me money from home. I didn’t even have money. There is no arrangement to start the screen by buying something less expensive.

I am also a non-smoker. I saved money for several months. My first screen companion was a 300 taka black veil, a niqab, and a pair of socks. I had to hear a lot about them. However, it seemed that the path of my religion was gradually getting more accessible.

Tahajjud miracle last part

At that time, I was introduced to my nuns as religious sisters. I got a lot of emotional support from him. I desperately needed a resort. The journey that started continues till now.

I learned step by step. My marriage is also a reward for me from my Lord. I got a lot of support from my mother-in-law, Nanad, and Basar. And after marriage, my family doesn’t say anything anymore.

I don’t like to ask a boy for help in matters of religion. I have had a bitter experience of this in my life. Free mixing should be avoided to get in the way of faith, Even if it is a Punjabi hat.

It is a deception of the devil in a good tone. No one can control his soul. Talking to a man other than necessary is knowing the face. To think about him is to understand the mind.

We think, I want to know about Islam from him, why is it a sin? If there is no sin, you will fall into temptation at some point. May Allah guide everyone to the right path. This is one of the miracles of Tahajjud of the beloved servants of Allah.

Inspirational story of Tahajjud

Mu’awiyah (RA) used to get up every day to pray Tahajjud. And Tahajjud had some miracles in his life. One day, he did not wake up during Tahajjud. The time he was passed. Tahajjud had never been shortened before. This was the first time such an incident happened. Tahajjud ran. As a result, he felt so much regret and pain that he spent the whole day crying. O Allah! My Tahajjud prayer was rushed today.

The next night, at the time of Tahajjud, an older man brought Tashrif and started to wake him up for the Tahajjud prayer. Get up and read Tahajjud.
Hazrat Muawiya agreed. He got up immediately and asked him, how did you come here? He replied, I am Iblis Shaitan.

Hazrat Muawiya agreed. He said, “Your job is to indulge people in heedlessness. What is your relationship with getting up for prayer?” Satan said, “Don’t argue about it; go, pray, Tahajjud.” Do your own thing.
Hazrat Muawiya agreed. He said, no, tell me first, what is the reason for this?

I will not leave you until you tell me why you raised me. When he insisted too much, Satan said, “The truth is, last night I imposed indifference on you.”

So that your Tahajjud prayer is rushed, your Tahajjud prayer is rushed. You cried profusely throughout the day due to running the Tahajjud prayer, increasing your dignity.

Even if you had performed the Tahajjud prayer, you would not have gained this much status. As a result, I have suffered a loss. That’s why I thought you should wake up today so the path to higher status is blocked. Satan’s work is to command sin and immorality.

A sister’s miraculous story of Tahajjud

He said, once,,, I prayed five times, Tahajjud, fasting, etc.,, but prayers were not accepted. Later, I saw that I was only praying, fasting, and asking for forgiveness to get the dua taken.

Then I started praying, fasting, Tahajjud and Istegfaar to please Allah, and at the same time, I made du’a very humbly. Alhamdulillah, it is not too late to make Du’a.

I think every prayer is the last prayer of my life, and I read it with Khushu Khuzu and do Istegfar (Astagfirullah) 10 thousand times. This is the story of my practice, Dua Qabul, and the miracles of Tahajjud.

Tahajjud miracles for motivation

Read Tahajjud like this; from today, all your complaints will stop! In Sha Allah. It’s time for Tahajjud at 3 p.m. get up! So that no one can know. Go to the washroom, take a good ablution after the Miswak, and put on the most beautiful and holy clothes. Do not show anyone! Your Lord is only for Allah.

Apply surma on the eyes, comb the hair on the head, and apply halal perfume. Dress yourself well; this bath today, this dress is for Allah. Only for the sake of the Great Creator, pray two rak’ahs slowly after spreading the prayer.

Prostrate yourself in prayer and cry out to the great Lord, who first came down to heaven to hear your prayers and see your tears. Patiently and calmly, keep calling him in prayer. If the Lord does not accept your prayers, whose prayers will you get?

If you don’t listen to your call, who else will you listen to? Do you become one with that person who sleeps restlessly and you wet the divine feet of the Great Lord with tears?

No, you are under the shade of Allah’s mercy, and He is far away.
The throne is shaking with your prayers, destiny is swaying, and finally, Allah changes destiny and accepts the servant’s request.

Your prayers are not accepted, your sorrows are not relieved, and your danger increases. Keep calling in that order, hey…he who created this world in just six days. If you call him as you call him, your wish will be granted in less than 6 minutes.

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