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Importance of Witr prayer

It is good for you to know the importance of Witr prayer in Islam. because it is the most important prayer after the five obligatory prayers. The meaning of Witr is odd. Because this prayer consists of three Rakats or the number of Rakats offered at night through it becomes odd, it is called Witr.

After the Isha prayer, it is time to pray the Witr prayer until the morning Sadiq. But for a person who has a habit of getting up late regularly, it is better to recite Witr in the late part of the night. However, if you are not in the habit of getting up late at night, you should pray the Witr before going to bed.

Introduction of Witr prayer and number of rakats

Witr is the name of a prescribed prayer in Islamic Shariah. This prayer can be performed in the time between Isha and Sadek in the morning. Except for a few differences, this prayer has to be performed like any other prayer. The importance and virtues of this obligatory prayer have been highlighted.

Number of Rakat

There are several hadiths about the Witr prayer. The description of the three Rakats is famous and powerful. Abu Salama Ibn Abdur Rahman (RA) asked Ummul Momineen Ayesha (RA), how was the prayer of Rasulullah (SAW) during Ramadan.

He said Rasulullah (SAW) did not pray more than 11 Rakats during Ramadan and outside of Ramadan. At first, he used to read four Rakats. Do not ask about its beauty and longevity. After that, he used to pray four more Rakats. Do not question its beauty and longevity. Then he used to pray three Rakats (Witr). – Sahih Bokhari: 1147

Rasulullah (SAW) used to recite three Surahs in three Rak’at Witr. Ubai Ibn Ka’b (RA) said, Rasulullah (SAW) used to recite Surah Alaa in the first rakat, Surah Kafirun in the second rakat and Surah Ikhlas in the third rakat in the three rakat Witr prayers and recited Dua Qunut before Ruku. -Sunan Nasa’i: 1699


Importance of Witr prayer
Importance of Witr prayer

The importance of Witr prayer is very important. Witr is obligatory on all Mukim and Musafi. Narrated by Ibn Umar (RA). Rasulullah (s.a.w.) used to perform the night prayer by beckoning from his ride (vehicle) apart from the obligatory prayer. No matter which way the rider turned, he would pray Witr on the vehicle. – Sahih Bokhari: 946

Rasulullah (s.a.w.) usually performed Witr after Tahajjud in the late hours of the night. He used to wake up the family members for Witr. Narrated by Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her). He said, Prophet Kareem (PBUH) used to pray at night, and then I used to sleep crosswise in his bed. Then he used to wake me up when he wanted to read Witr. I used to take Witar too.

That is why it is better to perform the Witr prayer by Praying Tahajjud at the end of the night. However, it can be performed after the Isha prayer because Rasulullah (s.a.w.) sometimes performs Witr after the Isha prayer.

Importance of witr prayer in hadith

The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Whoever is not sure about getting up at the end of the night, let him recite Witr in the first part of the night.” And whoever is hopeful of getting up in the last night to read Tahajjud, will read Witr in the last part of the night. Because angels are present during the last night prayer and that is best.’ (Muslim)

Rasool (PBUH) never left Witr. He also used to instruct the Companions to recite Witr. The Prophet (PBUH) said, ‘Allah Ta’ala has helped you with an extra prayer, which is better for you than a red camel. That is Witr. Allah Ta’ala has ordained this prayer for you to perform between Isha and Fajr.’ (Tirmidhi)

Abu Huraira (R.A.) said, “My dearest friend has bequeathed me three things, which I will not abandon till death.” That is, keeping three fasts every month, praying two Rakats of Chasht and praying Witr before going to sleep. (Bukhari and Muslim) In another hadith, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “O followers of the Qur’an, recite Witr.” Because Allah loves odd and Witr prayers.’ (Tirmidhi)

Virtues of Witr prayer

The Benefits of Witr’s prayer are many. Narrated by Khadija Ibn Huzafa (RA). He said, Once Rasulullah (SAW) came out to us and said, Allah has extended one prayer for you. Which is better for you than a crimson camel?

This prayer is Witr. Allah has fixed for you the time between Isha prayer and Subha Sadiq. -Sunan Abu Dawud: 1418

Allah’s love can be found through Witr prayer. Narrated by Ali (RA). He said, Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said, O followers of the Qur’an! Pray the Witr prayer. Because Allah Ta’ala loves odd (single) deeds. -Sunan Abu Dawud: 1416

Punishment for skipping Witr prayer

Of course, the Witr prayer is obligatory. If you run away for some reason, it is important to collect the Qaza later. A regular Witr abjurer must be a sinner and will not receive the recommendation of the Prophet (PBUH).

Abdullah Ibn Buraydah (RA) narrated from his father. He said, I heard Rasulullah (s.a.w.s.) saying, Witr prayer is Haqq (truth). Whoever does not pay it, does not belong to us. He said this three times. Therefore, all men and women should perform Witr with importance.


Why is witr prayer important?

Witr prayer is important for several reasons:

  • It is a Sunnah Muakkadah (confirmed tradition) according to the majority of Sunni scholars, meaning it is highly recommended.
  • It serves as the conclusion of the night prayers, ending the daily cycle of prayers on a note of devotion.
  • It is a means of seeking forgiveness for sins and seeking Allah’s blessings and mercy.

When is the prayer of witr?

Witr prayer can be performed after the Isha prayer till the Fajr prayer. If you perform the Tahajjud prayer, it is better to perform Witr at the end of the night.

How is witr prayer performed?

Witr prayer can be performed in different ways. The most common method is to pray one rakat Witr prayer after finishing the Isha prayer. Another way is to pray two Rakats, followed by Witr Rakats. Followers of the Hanafi Madhhab pray three Rakats while sitting for Tashahhud after the second Rakat like the Maghrib prayer.

Can the witr Pray in the congregation?

Although it is permissible to perform Witr prayer alone, it can also be performed in congregation. It is usually practiced individually, but in Ramadan is performed with the Witr congregation.

What is prayed during the witr?

During the Witr prayer, it is Sunnah to recite specific supplications known as Qunut. These prayers include seeking Allah’s protection, mercy and forgiveness, as well as making personal requests and supplications for the well-being of oneself and others.

What happens if someone misses the Witr prayer?

If one does not perform the Witr prayer for any reason, it can be overcome by performing the prayer at any time the night before the Fajr prayer. Some consistently miss it, but they should try to make it a regular practice.

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