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Shah Muhammad Suhail

Miracles of Durood sharif

Durood Sharif has several miracles. But most of it is fabricated and untrue. Again, some facts are accurate. Below, we discuss some of the miracles associated with Durood Sharif.

What is the Miracle of Durood Sharif?

There are some beliefs and superstitions prevalent in society about the miracle of Durood Sharif, based on which hypocritical people are doing religious business.

People can only gain the benefits described in the Qur’an and Sunnah by reciting Durood Sharif. Besides, most of the miracles in conventional stories and societies are false. People make them.

But in reality, the benefits and greatness of Durood Sharif are not publicized to a large extent. People want to know about the miracles of Durood Sharif, which are unique and thrilling.

But it isn’t enjoyable. Because miracles happen to God’s beloved servants. And what happens to the prophets is Mujeza. But ordinary people like us will not get any miracle by reciting Durood Sharif. We can only gain the benefits described in the Sunnah.


Many interesting stories have been written about Durood Sharif in Islam. Which will surely fascinate and surprise you. You will forget reading the stories that people write so perfectly and strangely.

But it would be best if you always kept in mind that Islam has nothing to do with the miracles that hypocrites associate with Darood Sharif.

You have to know Islam only from the Quran and Sunnah. Had the miracle of Durood Sharif remained, it would also have been in the Quran and Sunnah. So you will never deviate from the Qur’an and Sunnah.

A fish and a miracle

“Once upon a time, a merchant’s trade passed through the Nile River. A man in that ship recited the durood in the name of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) every day.

Once, he was reciting Durood. At that time, he saw a fish from the river close to the ship and listened to his words. When he finished reciting Durood, the fish sank into the water.

By chance, that fish was caught in a fisherman’s net. The fisherman then brought the fish to the market for sale. On that day, Umar (R.A.) or Abu Bakr Siddique (R.A.) came to the market with the intention that if he found a big fish, he would buy it and invite the Prophet (PBUH) to feed it.

He was pleased to see this fish in the market and bought it and said to his wife, cook it very well. Today, God willing, I will invite the Messenger of Allah. May God bless him and grant him peace.

His wife washed and cleaned the fish well without removing the scales, put various spices on it, put it on the stove to cook it, and put a fire under the pot. But the fire did not burn.

Last part

After many attempts, the fire was extinguished again. Even though he tried for a long time, he could not heat the fire and informed his husband about it. He also tried hard. But there was no result.

Finally, they were forced to report this incident to the Prophet. He knew the condition of the fish and said, the fire of the world and even the fire of Hell cannot ignite it.

This fish is used to listen attentively when a person is reciting Durood. By his blessing, you could not light the fire to cook it.”

Miracles of Durood sharif
Miracles of Durood Sharif

Durood and pearls in the hands of a beggar

“Once Abu Jahal and some other Quraysh sat near Kaaba Sharif and discussed. At that time, a beggar came and asked them for some alms.

Then they mockingly told the beggar, Ali is in the Kaaba, you go to him. He will give you a lot of money because he is a giver.

They thought it was difficult for Ali RA to get two meals for himself; in this condition, he could not donate anything to the beggar. As a result, he would be ashamed of himself. According to them, the beggar came to Ali in the courtyard of the Kaaba and asked for some alms.

He had nothing to give him then. So he said to him, put your hands together and stretch them towards me. When he raised his hand, he recited a prayer and blew it on his palm.

He said, “Go to those who sent you to me with clenched fists, and open your fists when you reach them.” According to his instructions, he went to the infidels and opened his fist to find a pearl worth a thousand dinars in his hand.

Seeing the pearl, the infidels were surprised and asked, where did you get it? He said He had given a blow to my hand, and with his blessing, this pearl was created. Hearing this, their level of surprise increased.

Miracles of Durood Sharif and the truth

The two Durood Sharif miracles I wrote above are fabricated stories. There are various signs of fabrication in the story itself. Nilande and Omar heard the fish. Or Abu Bakr R.A. He went to Madinah market to buy it.

Also, remember that the story is being claimed as an incident. Again, the companion is going to the market to buy fish. Was the market in Madinah such that fish was often found there? There are also more inconsistencies in the story.

It is a story made by Shias. Many such fabrications have become popular in the Indo-Pak subcontinent through Shias.

This story has appeared in a slightly different form on several Shia sites. Omar (R.A.) or Abu Bakr (R.A.) is not mentioned. Similarly, there is no issue in inviting the Prophet. There, a man buys a fish, which is also prepared for cooking, but he finds that nothing is happening to the fire.

Durood Sharif’s recitation rules

It is wajib to recite durood in the name of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). However, if it is repeated and heard, it is wajib to recite durood the first time, and it is mustahab for the second time.

Just as durood and salam are wajib when uttered with the mouth, they are wajib when written with a pen. It is obligatory to read Darud once in a lifetime. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “Shame on that person who does not recite Durood when my name is mentioned.” (Mishkat, Hadith: 927)

Many virtues of reciting Durood have been described in Quran-Hadith. Anas Ibn Malek RA said the Prophet S.A.W. said, ‘Whoever recites Darud Sharif on me once, Allah Ta’ala will shower ten blessings on him. Forgive his ten sins. Increase him ten ranks.’ (Sunan Nasa’i, Hadith: 1297)

Ali (R.A.) narrated from the Prophet (S.A.W.) that there is no supplication and that there is no veil between the supplication and the sky until the Darud Sharif is recited upon the Prophet (S.A.W.). When the durood sharif is repeated on the Prophet (PBUH), the veil is removed, and the prayer is accepted. And the prayer is not taken when the durood is not repeated on the Prophet. (Jalaul Afham, page : 25)

On the authority of Abu Bakr Siddiq R.A., he said, I heard the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) say – “Whoever invokes more blessings on me, I will become an intercessor for him on the Day of Resurrection.” (Kanjul Ummal, Hadith: 44269)

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